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Artifacts of the Dreamworld

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the family backyard

 I remember at some point I was outside with Colin and I think Reis was on his way over, but Austin was helping Colins family mow their backyard.Big trial with elimination and different roomsHidden money in rooms, the rooms seem very randomI find my room with 3 of my wallet with $350 in them eachWe progress on to find that we do not have nearly enough people fight multiple boss-like monsters one after anotherI notice that it was like this last year and and  say that Austin, Reis, and I only beat the first 5 or 6 before failing (I talked about it like it was a black ops zombies map)We leave but are now trapped in a city with many many other peopleI help set up a barber business with a woman and an older man that I guess I kinda live with nowThere is some rival gangster like people who own a business next door who don’t like usLady tells me I should take this next client even though I’ve never done it before, the guy is fine with thatThe city seemed a little impoverished by lack of supply to it because it supposedly has a giant dome trapping usI go to see if we are really trappedAt the edge of the orange ish colored dome I see a dark pile of something I move closer and jump back when I realize it’s a large pile of zombies gnawing and clawing at the dome exterior in attempt to reach us, the translucent orange dome crackling and sparking with every impactJust then, the dome breaks and all hell breaks looseI run back to the shop I had and find it collapsed, so I start digging out the man because I know we’ve got a little bit of time somehow...

there’s always this feeling,

if that makes sense

This is super vague but I’ve been having one where I keep going back to for the past few nights. It’s somewhere by the water and there’s always this feeling of vastness and a greatness so large it became inconsequential, if that makes sense?? And it’s scary but comforting at the same time.  Sometimes it feels like Ireland. Sometimes I’m on a beach and I walk with the water. Sometimes there’s a tsunami. Every time I can breathe underwater.

you need the attention 

of extreme pain .

when you stitch and wash the wound, 

you’ll start to form

in my dream, i was in a dusty, old warehouse. people were getting sick and turning feral all over the world, and the government was not doing anything about it due to corruption and prejudice for the upper class. anyway, i was reaching for a weapon to protect myself from the masses, when all of a sudden a talk black haired girl stabbed me in the upper left area of my side with a pair of scissors. it was extremely painful. i was able to fight her off, albeit a bit late. then, a suspicious man started approaching me. i tried to run away, but my wound was severe and i was dizzy from pain and blood loss. i fell, and then he caught up with me. he had black hair and villainous vibes. he had a nail studded bat strapped to his back, as well as a medium sized knife in his hand. at this point, there was no escaping. he also had a small group with him, all teenage to mid 20s aged men. he said that he would torture me unless i made his friend “feel like a man”. i agreed, mostly because i did not want to be tortured, and also because i knew that i needed medical attention, quick. a few moments later i lost consciousness. when i woke up, my wound was stitched, and i had been washed. as time went by, i started to form a weird relationship with my captors, like Stockholm syndrome. my dream felt like it lasted years. it was actually quite frightening.

open yourselves up endlessly

I was asleep in a room when suddenly I heard screaming. I ran out of the room to find Cam, his mom, and some man also running out of their rooms (this seemed perfectly normal to me idk we were all staying in one big house or something for some reason) and they’re running toward an attic hatch that the man already has open and is bringing the ladder down for. We all run up and are talking amongst ourselves like “did you hear that?” “What was that?” And the attic space seems to go up and up endlessly, with crazy ladders and passages and stairwells. Eventually we went through one passage that brought us out into a wide open room. We were on a balcony type thing with a net in front of us, and what looked to be a zoo enclosure beyond that. The zoo enclosure had a bunch of dodo birds running around in it. On the balcony were Ira and a bunch of other people and we were like “are you okay? Was that you guys screaming?” And Ira was like “yeah we accidentally ended up in a tiger pen earlier lmao” And I said “and now you’re in a dodo bird pen?” And he said “well dodo birds are extinct, so no, but yes.” And I said “well yeah obviously but that’s what they look like and idk what they actually are.” And then I guess we all just vibed and watched the dodo birds running around.

the ground.

try really hard

to drink

the ground

this is kind of graphic: I had this super upsetting dream featuring my ex boyfriend. Basically we were in this super tall tree house very high off the ground. He was sitting in the corner, and it looked like he could fall out of the tree house. I think he was sick so I was trying really hard to get him to eat vegetables, but he just wouldn’t. He was like writhing around and it was scaring me because I thought he was going to fall out of the treehouse. But he totally refused to eat any healthy food or drink water. Somehow we ended up on the ground (no one fell we were just there instead all of the sudden) and he basically fell over, collapsed and died right in front of me. In my dream I knew died because his body couldn’t handle the way he was treating it. Though he had been clothed in the treehouse, he was naked in this part. I was really afraid of this because I have bad memories associated with him and intimacy.


the truth. wake up 

every part of your body 

that is in loneliness

This one dream I woke up inside it from dreaming and I had this insipid dread that filled me and it was this intense loneliness like everyone on earth turned to mist and I was in a room alone and it was summer because of how hot it was and I was waking up from what seemed like a nap because pink coated the room in a sweat filled haze and I was struggling to get up out of the covers I could feel my hairs stick to my wet face and I had the need for my mother but knowing she wasn’t there that my grandmother wasn’t either that no one was that the house was empty and so was the property and there was no need to double check this by calling out that it was this engrained truth and I remember thinking how horrible this was and thinking it had to be a dream and thinking wake up wake up wake up and I couldn’t then this fear that took up every part of my body that it was my reality and I remember this pink glass cup of water on the nightstand and I think I heard something downstairs

bond like you're oysters

and seawater

...we are trying to land on this oyster bed off of a cliff but facing the opposite direction (like facing the cliff we are about to drive off of). instead of just reversing off of the cliff, the driver nosedives, the bus somehow bounces off of the front, and twists in the air. we’re all like nice that’s why you’re the driver. we get off and it’s not like a typical oyster bed. it’s like those churches in spain that are tiled with scallop shells, like shit is PACKED with oysters. we are walking on the bed and i find a spot to sit kind of. we are all getting cuts because oyster beds are dangerous af idk why we r doing this. i am being asked questions by rachel and kayla about oysters and their taxonomy (funny that i have been studying for an exam that covers that very thing). We end up eating like a TON of oysters with some yummy sauce i like actually can’t get enough. Now i am with liz and megan in the dining room of the condo but we are actually at camp sewee. also that oyster bed earlier was also camp sewee i guess. we are just chatting about how we feel being back and i mention to megan how she never really bonded with any of us and she says it’s because we always leave at the end of the summer and never come back. also i guess this camp sewee is also a mix with bar harbor so it’s also kind of a beachy vacation town and that’s why i’m there i think. i don’t remember everything super vividly but at some point this restaurant that is super fancy gets flooded, i also at some point ask if it’s low tide because i wanna go eat more oysters and it is not. i do remember having this turtle that i am trying to rescue but it keeps shrinking and like looking super dead because i think it’s overheating. it also keeps biting me. at one point i go to get it wet in the sink but the water is super hot so it like literally shrivels to so tiny and i have to book it with a bowl to get seawater to put it in.   

step into a hot strange shape

alive but also dead

I was standing in a grassy field with a man. He showed me a small river or creek with fish in it. Many of the fish were dead and the were some alive but also larger fish. The man showed me how the big fish were a problem because they would get stuck in the exit from the river. However, the dead fish seemed not to bother him at all and did not appear to be a problem whatsoever. We made our way supposedly where the river lead: a lazy river. There were many people in tubes floating down the river, but I wanted to be in the hot tub just next to it. I got out and stepped into the hot tub. The act of stepping into a hot tub would not have been strange if not for the fact that is was about ten feet in the air in and had the shape of squared-topped, rubber funnel in my parents’ kitchen.

guys, don’t close the door

to turning red

bright red

filled up and fuming

Me, Sam, I think Irina, and some other people that I’m not sure whether I knew or not but I knew in the dream were vibing outside of the creative suite. My in-dream friends had Sam's same troublemaker vibe and they were getting along great, speaking some sort of gangster language to each other or something I don’t even know. Another group of guys who I don’t know comes out of the creative suite. I was closest to the door they came out of, so I guess this one dude decided I’d be the easiest to pick on. He starts being an asshole and won’t step off, so Sam steps in and then the guy starts being an asshole to him to and they’re arguing with each other. As they argue, Sam starts turning red. Not like normal blush red but bright red in very graphic, geometric lines. It’s almost like a meter is filling up (of anger?) and he’s turning almost two dimensional where the red is. At some point the assholes finally leave but Sam is still fuming and red. I hug him and a little bit of the red goes away but he’s still pissed. Somehow we’re suddenly sitting next to each other on a blue bus, I try to talk to him and calm him down. He seems almost unresponsive. So I hug him until all the red goes away.

your door was open 

so now kill the demon 

thing in your room.

There was this one where it was a dream inside of a dream inside of a dream. I was sleeping in my dream and in that dream I was also sleeping. So in the deep dream I was sleeping in my room in the barnsbury house (where what my family calls where we lived in HS) and my door was open and there was this dark hallway and I was awake but couldn’t move and I was thinking oh shit I have sleep paralysis and then suddenly I see this demon thing and I got really fucking scared so so deeply scared and he started coming closer and closer and I started doing the kill bill thing where she starts with her toes then moves up her body until she can fully move again and I did that and was able to move right as he was in my face then I woke up from that dream so now I’m in my dream wishing my dream and it was the same scene where I was sleeping in the same position in the same room same house whatever and I couldn’t move again and I was like oh shit here we go and I see him again and I do the kill bill thing and this time I have to fight him and I’m swinging and I’m so fucking scared the entire time and the lunches are going really slow but suddenly he disappears so I run to my moms room at the other end of the hallway and crawl into her bed breathe less and I tell her I have to sleep I. There wot her tonight and ask her to hold me and she kind of does then asks why and I tell her about my dream and she goes oh him oh he’s here every night and I say no don’t say that and then I see him again and then I wake up wake up in my same room from that dream but I can move and go to my moms room and it’s daylight

After turning my own dreams into poetic instructions I wanted to delve into the collective dreamscape. I invited people to send me their dreams through a poster and word of mouth. The poems I wrote from these dreams inspired me to make interpretive copper sculptures. Below are a few of the sculptures with their poems and dreams.

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