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Bryce Arbor - Bio 

Bryce Arbor distills dreams to reveal the poetry of inner-worlds, creating intimate and compelling objects that invite people to investigate their own intuitive voices. At the core of her most recent project, Artifacts of the Dreamworld, is a layered devotion to diving deeper into the emotional wisdom of the dream.

When I am lost in the waking world I ask my guides to help me by sending me messages through my dreams. The quality to which I intimately distill my dreams has a powerful effect on how I now live my life. It is through this process of finding the deep meaning under the surface of the dream that I’ve come to poetry as illumination [as the magnificent audre lorde wrote about]. It is through the poem that I find the messages which are, until the poem, intangible- but already felt. As feminine beings, there is a dark place within each of us where our truth rises. A place where spirit guides, ancestors, the higher self, and deep emotional wisdom dance and wait to be acknowledged. The dream world is an opening. Creativity is another.

Carving my dreams into poetic instructions is a way of giving language to this deep reservoir of wisdom in order to give guidance to myself through myself. First felt, then dreamt, then written, then excavated, erased, thought and felt again, then made for more tangible action. Honoring my feminine self means prioritizing my subconscious, my emotional body, my creative body, and recognizing the knowledge that these parts of me hold.

Currently I am interested in transforming dreams into metal, in jewelry that can act as talisman for the wearer. The intuitive wisdom in dreams needs to be remembered again and again as we forget again and again. By pulling symbols and turning them into physical wearable objects there is a tender recognition of something mystical as valuable.



University of Michigan


Pratt Institute



Innovation in Action, Second Place Winners


Hopwood Awards, First Place in Text/Image Composition




Art of the Book, Pratt Institute Library 


Stamps Senior Exhibition, Penny Stamps School of Art and Design

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