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Artist Books

Illuminations, 2019

This book explores the element of light through folding out into three lanterns. Each lantern represents something different: yellow for joy, blue for wisdom, and pink for love. When lighting a candle the user can intentionally spark one of these elements. During this time the idea of healing and rituals became a huge theme in my life and in my work.

The book folds closed so you can keep it on a bookshelf. 

You can only read the words on these lanterns when you shine light through them.

Self-Portrait in ASL,


In this piece I explored my love of American Sign Language through small relief prints where I used ghost prints to show movement of the signs.

Mushroom + Tree Book,


This is a watercolor florilegium that shows Michigan mushrooms next to the trees they are commonly found nearby.

The Shark Below is a Portal; and Other Dream Interpretations, 2023

This is a book of poetic instructions that I made by erasing my dream journal. It's printed on vellum to mimic the translucent and mystical nature of dreams. Each poem is accompanied by a drawing or excerpt of the dream. First Place winner of the Hopwood Text/Image Composition Prize (2023).

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