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When I am lost in the waking world, I ask my guides to help me by sending me messages through my dreams. As feminine beings, there is a dark place within each of us where our truth rises. A place where spirit guides, ancestors, the higher self, and deep emotional wisdom dance and wait to be acknowledged. The dream world is a gateway. Creativity is another. Through carving my dreams into poetic instructions, I found language in this deep reservoir of wisdom in order to give guidance to myself through myself. First felt, then dreamt, then written, then excavated, erased, thought and felt again, then made for more tangible action and expression. Honoring my feminine side means prioritizing my subconscious, my emotional body, my creative body, and recognizing the knowledge that these parts of me hold. 


This body of work is a culmination of my love of book arts, jewelry making, and poetry. Taking inspiration from the Fluxus movement of instructions I first created a book of poetic instructions and drawings made from my own dreams. Then I invited people to send me their dreams, which moved me to create poems in the form of copper sculptures.

Dreamworld Projects

The Shark Below is a Portal book; and Other Dream Interpretations

Inspired by Fluxus movement of instructions and Japanese Haikus this book is a collection of poetic instructions erased from my dream journal. 


Artifacts of the Dreamworld

A sculptural oracle deck of copper poems made from people's dreams and nightmares. Each copper sculpture corresponds to a poetic instruction and a dream.

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